Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Part 2: Why Meditation is effective for reducing Migraines and Headaches - with practical meditation

Untitled 4Continuing from yesterday.

Meditation can be very effective for reducing the strength of our headache.  If we try to build up a regular practice then it can actually get rid of it completely.

Meditation goes deeper than modern medicine - we are addressing the root of the headache which is the mind - when there is a build up of tension in the mind then gradually the tension in our head develops.

If we can learn to relax the mind in meditation then naturally the power of our headaches will reduce.

Our course it is good to take practical steps such as drinking plenty of fluid and reducing the amount of toxins that we put into our body - on top of this is the practice of meditation.

Yesterday we looked at a simple relaxation technique to let go of tension in the head - the meditation is here 

Today I will present you with another meditation and later we will record it for you so you have the opportunity to practice.

  • Sitting in a comfortable posture with a straight back and shoulders relaxed
  • Try to bring your attention into your body letting go of all the distractions outside the body
  • Set your intention for the meditation and make a determination that you will not be distracted during this period of time
  • Gently bring your attention to your breath - try to focus on the natural sensation for a short time
  • Imagine that all of your headaches, tension and migraines gather together in the aspect of dark smoke
  • As you focus on your breath imagine breathing out all the tension far into the distance
  • Focus on this concentration for a short time
  • Enjoy this process
  • After a while imagine that you have breathed out all the tension far into the distance and focus on this conviction for a short time
  • Before concluding the meditation make a determination to keep training in meditation and to share your experience with others

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