Tuesday, 27 July 2010

How meditation practice can help to reduce headaches with a practical meditation

meditation to reduce headaches
Here is a little blurb about how meditation practice can help to reduce headaches. 
You don't always need to take a paracetamol!
Later on today we will produce an audio and video to help you get the message so it can become practical and effective for you.
Headaches often come from a build up of tension in our head - too many thoughts,ideas,worries. 

Thinking too hard or perhaps concentrating too much on a computer screen - or a bodily posture which over time causes strain on our back and neck which then leads to pain.
Meditation practice helps good posture - sitting with a straight back and relaxing the muscles in the body and the tension in the mind helps to encourage a relaxed body.  This allows for movement of energy from the head down into the rest of our body.
Once you have settled into a good posture and relaxed the body and mind -
  • focus on your head and imagine all the tension in the crown of the head gradually melting away
  • focus on the temples and imagine the tension melting away
  • then focus on the forehead imagining the tension unraveling and dissolving away
  • then imagine the tension around and behind the eyes melting away
  • relax your jaw and allow the face to drop and as you do so imagine the tension draining away down through your body into the ground
  • then relax the tension where your spine goes into the head imagine all the tension drains down your spine, down your body and into the ground.
This process above can take 5,10,15 minutes depending upon your schedule.

Once you have done this you can think to yourself.

"all the tension and stress in the head has dissolved away leaving me feeling comfortable and relaxed"

Focus on this conclusion for a short time.

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