Friday, 26 April 2013

RELAXATION MUSIC, Calm Music, Meditation Music, Relaxing Guitar, Gentle ...

Dear friends enjoy this relaxation music.

 This particular track will help you to relax, feel calm and let go of worries. 

Firstly we compose then we trial with different friends and in our relaxation clinic to see the effects of the track.

Some have said it has helped them to focus, concentrate and improve their studies.

There is a melody that is continuos throughout the track played by a gentle guitar.
This helps to keep the mind, focused and calm without too many distractions interfering with your relaxation. 

Over the top of this track we have brought in a variety of other sounds including:
Relaxing, Gentle Piano, Relaxing Flute, Indian Flute, Peruvian Pan Pipes, Sampled Celtic Tin Whistle, Keyboard, Nature Sounds.

All these sounds will induce relaxation and focus.

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