Friday, 23 September 2011

Is meditation boring?

Is Meditation Boring?
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Occasionally people say to me that meditation practice is boring.

When I lived in a retreat centre after returning back from a holiday away with lots of distractions I would have the same feeling for a few days...before getting back into the way of life.

Meditation can seem boring to a person who relies solely on their senses for stimulation.

Which is most of us.

We are used to being entertained - there is nothing entertaining about meditation practice.
Entertainment excites the mind - meditation does the opposite - it pacifies the mind, calming it and ridding it of excitement. 

Although it feels good to have excitement in the mind, its impossible to experience peace.

To enter into a mind space where we can experience peace then we have to go through the barrier of being bored or feeling like nothing is happening, this is the excited mind being defeated and yes it will object.

Excitement leads to distraction and distraction makes the modern world go round.

Sometimes its felt that to really experience this we need to retreat and leave the world of distraction.

This is a misconception, the world of distraction is created by our own mind not outside.

To leave the world of distraction we simply need to gather our mind inwards and learn to concentrate through training in meditation.

Gradually, consistent meditation practice leads to results and a improvement in our concentration.

As our concentration improves then we start to reap the results of inner peace and contentment. Inner peace isn’t an empty, vacant boring state.

Far from it, its an active, rich, mental state leading to contentment - a mind without excitement.

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