Wednesday, 4 May 2011

What Can We Learn From Star Wars?

What we can learn from Star Wars on its special day!

May The Fourth be With You - Celebrating Star Wars Day!

Star Wars has touched millions and still continues to inspire and enlighten.

The battle against evil in the galaxy and the inspiration that we as humans can develop special powers beyond the ordinary resonates with everyone.

I have always been intrigued by the Jedi’s and their mind training to improve themselves and bring peace to the planet.

They talk of the ‘force’ and using it wisely  -

Many people these days use the word “energy, energy “ almost so much that is has derived it of any real meaning.

Or using ‘a secret’ to find oneself being promoted at work, having more people being attracted to you or even finding that illusive parking space!  The Law of Attraction being manipulated for ones own pursuits.

The force that the Jedi speak of is goes far deeper than that - it is a power that we have within us to do good in order to change the world around us for the benefit of is far reaching.

The great thing about the Jedi is their concern for the ‘galaxy’ first and foremost before themselves.

The Jedi’s within Star Wars brought together the best bits of Buddhism, Taoism, Zoroastrianism and the medieval knights .

Understanding that we have the power and potential to radically transform our mind can bring about great inspiration for change and most importantly the wish to bring it about.

Many people say that they have no time for meditation - this lack of time is simply not engaging with our potential for transformation, if we do this then we have the inspiration which will bring the time to meditate.

Meditation practice gives us the peace, power and freedom to transform our mind and increase our intention to be of benefit to the world.

The growth of critical thinking in our education and cynicism in our world along with  the trend for hard thinking atheism has led a direction away from the magic and wonder that our mind is capable of through training.

As Yoda stated:

"You must unlearn what you have learned."

We hold our education as so important but where has it led us? 

To fulfilling our potential?

As humans what is our potential? 

What are we capable of spiritually?

If we put our mind in a spiritual direction focused on mental development - extraordinary accomplishments are possible.

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