Thursday, 5 August 2010

50 reasons to meditate each day

1. Meditation helps you to recharge
2. Meditation helps you to breath deeper
3. Meditation is a relaxant
4. Meditation helps to overcome depression
5. Meditation is free of charge
6. Meditation is for everybody
7. Meditation is a holiday for the mind
8. Meditation creates stillness within
9. Meditation is good for your health
10. Meditation is good for your mind
11. Meditation helps you to understand who you are
12. Meditation helps you to understand others
13. Meditation soothes the stress within the mid
14. Meditation aides in a view of equality
15. Meditation brings about positive change
16. Meditation opens the mind
17. Meditation brings peace to your family
18. Meditation encourages forgiveness
19. Meditation helps to reduce internal tension
20. Meditation aides better circulation
21. Meditation leads to a healthy way of life
22. Meditation helps to transcend the problems of daily life
23. Meditation encourages a sense of humor
24. Meditation helps to look on the bright side of life
25. Meditation creates peace and understanding
26. Meditation helps to look deeper
27. Meditation helps to focus on others good qualities
28. Meditation is self empowering
29. Meditation will help to save money on counseling/therapy
30. Meditation helps you to become your own doctor
31. Meditation is like medicine for the mind
32. Meditation is the direct method to experience peace
33. Meditation can be practiced anywhere at anytime
34. Meditation aides better sleep
35. Meditation brings peaceful dreams
36. Meditation in the morning will create a harmonious day
37. Meditation can never bring problems into your life
38. Meditation brings inner and outer beauty
39. Meditation reduces anger
40. Meditation reduce frustration
41. Meditation is a mental tonic
42. Meditation helps to understand the mind
43. Meditation brings inner peace and happiness
44. Meditation helps us prepare for the future
45. Meditation helps us to let go of the past
46. Meditation encourages independence
47. Meditation brings more generosity into the mind
48. Meditation brings a sharpness to the mind
49. Meditation is good for you
50. Meditation creates Mind Space

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